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We are sustained today by a growing number of citizens who share the conviction that free access to information, programs, and services is a linchpin to democracy. Won’t you join us as we sustain and further invest in Durham County’s world-class library?

You can give annually, make a one-time contribution, bestow gifts of stock, or engage with us on planned giving opportunities. Thank you for helping our libraries stay relevant, vibrant, and enjoyed by all with your tax-deductible contribution, and for helping Durham Library Foundation fulfill its mission of excellence.


Annual Giving

DLF celebrates donors and gifts of every size, and we are frequently inspired by our contributors. Emily Sloop sent a note with her gift that said, “Keep up the Reading Program. I was a little girl who climbed the maple tree in her yard in Asheville, NC, and read all summer. I know what it means to be transported to lands beyond my mountains! Thank you.”



Check back to this page in early fall 2024 to find Humanities Events offered by Durham County Library and Durham Library Foundation.


Visit our Impact page to read stories and examples of the many ways your contributions affect the quality of life in Durham County, North Carolina.

Planned Giving

Planned giving means leaving a gift to the foundation that will sustain the library beyond your lifetime. Legacy gifts are a wonderful way for someone who loves the library to make a high-impact contribution.

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