Susan Orlean

Join us Wednesday, January 13 at 7pm


We are delighted to welcome award-winning author Susan Orlean for our next literary Zoom! Please register early–the number of attendees is limited!–and note those who donate at the Champions of Literacy level will also be invited to a meet-and-greet session with Ms. Orlean.



How to Claim Peace

Wednesday, October 28 at 7pm

The Durham Library Foundation and Durham Public Library welcomed special guests North Carolina Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green and

Chapel Hill Poet Laureate CJ Suitt. The poets shared an exchange of work and ideas centered on How to Claim Peace: Present & Future. You can view the recording on our YouTube channel.

Jaki Shelton Green is a renowned North Carolina artist with an established career who has traveled many byways of North Carolina and the world in her role as state Poet Laureate.


CJ Suitt is the first ever Poet Laureate of Chapel Hill and is a performance poet, arts educator, and community organizer whose work is rooted in storytelling and social justice.


Together they bring a multi-generational perspective of what it means to understand and bridge differences as a prerequisite to claiming peace.




Did you miss our first Zoom?

We are so grateful to Judge Whichard for his excellent talk on civility–and, of course, for his past and current leadership. His remarks are available at this link, and you can watch his talk and our other videos, including peeks of the new Main Library at our YouTube Channel!



A special presentation: Civility in the Public Discourse
by Judge Willis P. Whichard, on Wednesday, September 16 at 7:00pm.

Judge Whichard is a prominent figure in North Carolina politics and education. He is the only person in the history of North Carolina who has served in both houses of the state legislature and on both of the state’s appellate courts; he was Associate Justice of the NC Supreme Court from 1986-98, thereafter serving as Dean and Professor of Law at Campbell University.  Along the way, he served for eight years as President of the Durham Library Foundation, and is now a member of the Durham County Library Board of Trustees.  Judge Whichard’s essay was first presented to the Downtown Durham Rotary Club as one of a three part series on Civility.


Judge Willis P. Whichard